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Castalla Doors assumes a risky personality. The current market situation pushes us to do what anyone else does; we study every project thoroughly and do not dismiss any new challenge.

After twenty-five years of experience, we are living a different moment, a special one full of accomplishments as a result of our constant effort and hard work on forward-looking projects. We enjoy a constant evolution, based on research, design, craftwork and the experience of our team of technicians, designers and our master carpenters.

We offer you emotions and life experiences by creating vivid objects that will become part of your everyday life and environment. That is our motto: the creation of exceptional doors and furniture, which are able to reflect your own essence and distinguish you from the rest, thanks to their unique personality.

We present you here products made with care, dedication and close attention to detail; products that value craftwork and coexist with the latest technologies in order to obtain the best results.

We take our time to make quality products, which are unique and special; where innovation joins tradition, and functionality is combined with aesthetics. We feel now is the time to make it possible and we want you here to share it with you. We want you to be part of team Castalla.

Francisco Bernabeu

Castalla Doors CEO


Castalla represents the pursuit of excellence, uniqueness and quality. To this end, we combine all our human, technical and logistical efforts to offer our clients what others cannot.


Castalla creates vivid doors and furniture, bearing in mind that they will become part of your everyday life and environment. We create experiences for you to live.


We are master carpenters and we work every piece very carefully. We enjoy our job very much, which is why there is a huge part of us in every single piece we make. Our experience and our devotion to this profession make our daily work something special.


Research, development, design and creativity combine to build the future, obtaining prototypes, patents and innovative products which are trendsetting and provide new solutions.

Quality assurance

The superior quality of our products makes us a leading company in the sector. We offer you the warranty of a unique product that has been carefully made using the best materials and equipment; a product that has been created for you with the utmost care.

Castalla Circle

You are different, especial, and you know what you want. You seek to be surrounded by the best and, therefore, you belong to this circle where there is only room for the essence of things.


Opening up doors to the world

Opening up doors to the world. We are achieving great brand recognition internationally thanks to important projects in many of the most important cities around the world and to the contacts established in the most distinguished trade shows in the sector.

Official distributor in SCOTLAND

Official distributor in NEW YORK area


We are craftmen


Aesthetic and functionality


The constant quest for outstanding things

All Castalla´s doors and wardrobes are produced in our carpenter´s workshop, located in the Alicante area, on a privileged Mediterranean inland region. This is the scenario of a manufacturing process of the highest quality, based on the traditional manufacturing method of furniture manufacturing, which combines craftwork and technology, always under the supervision of experts on this craft.

This method allows us to focus our team´s experience, together with that of the best team members and suppliers, granting the access to the best raw materials and ironmongery, and allowing internal control of all the transactions, which secures the highest level and maximum flexibility and customization of our products.

We only use equipment and processes that have long proved their value, incorporating the latest machinery. All this helps to turn our doors and wardrobes into the most efficient and better-quality products in the market.

Our offices are settled right next to the manufactory plant and warehouse to achieve the perfect union between creation, production and delivery in order to offer the best results.

Castalla Doors sees the light in 1989 as a response to market demand. We are door, wardrobe, dressing-room and furniture manufacturers, and we offer one of the widest product ranges in the market, both nationally and internationally.

Castallas activity includes not only door, wardrobe, dressing-room and side furniture development, production and commercialization, but also aesthetic and technological research. We also pay particular attention and support to architects, builders and developers on their projects, with the best assessment of our team of specialists and designers. Our team will find solutions to anything you may need by providing a thorough study of the most suitable options for your project.

Castallas distinctive feature is the wide range of technical solutions and intelligent applications, which will provide you with the freedom to face any available space with the most fitting design and cutting-edge results without restrains. The outcome: perfect combination of design and functionality.

Your home is much more than a mere space with personal objects: it is a living space. Castalla Doors will show you the most appealing doors and wardrobes, we will provide you with information on the possibilities of all our products and we will advice you on any interesting detail that may help you to fully enjoy every moment in a space that you have made your own.

The constant quest for outstanding things deserves respect. The main origin of our doors and furniture is Nature itself and its resources. Castalla is fully aware of the importance of a natural balance which ensures the future of our planet. That is why we perform sensitive logging techniques and control all our production processes, so we can optimize all the energy and resources.

We comply with the sustainable forest management and environmental management legislations, and our products, processes, as well as the company itself, are quality certified.

We meet the most stringent requirements, although this is not Castalla´s main objective.

Zeal for Service


Castalla Doors’ team is always here willing to guide and help you with everything you may need.


Different types of ironmongery and accessories for you to choose the best and customized solution.


We are well-known professional craftsmen in the sector our products are manufactured with great care.


Castalla has the largest door range in the market and more than 300 models and hundreds of available finishes.


Feel the privilege. Castalla Doors is synonym for cutting-edge products we bring the best patents ideas and styles to you.


Castalla expands. We are not only door manufacturers. You can also find wardrobes and boards.


Our design and R&D departments join creativity with research to offer you the latest solutions and trends.


Best quality wood finishes of the highest standards and continuous monitoring of all the production process.


Quick delivery We offer the fastest and more complete delivery service in the market. Doors are delivered within 3 weeks.


You enjoy full attention throughout all the process from the initial consultation to the after-sales service.


Wide range of solutions in technical and special doors comprehensive interventions and studies on your project.


You will have the assurance of having chosen the best solution for your project.

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Costera la Marjal. poligono 3.

Parcela 67. 03420

Castalla. Alicante. Spain

T. +34 966 560 641

F. +34 966 560 735


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