Castalla, doors and interior design

A renewed vision of the product thanks to 30 years of experience in the sector, a new vision in which the door becomes part of an integral interior design project.

The passion to create new environments is accompanied by wall papers so that the rooms speak for themselves, a new range of laminated flooring and parquet floors, and elements such as wooden beams or impressive tables created from tree trunks that introduce nature to the most demanding projects. You can not miss the designs of matching cabinets with more than 170 door models, with innovative opening options and interior accessories for the most avant-garde.

The dressing rooms also fill the spaces with personality, integrating into the environment through sliding glass doors.

This new vision of the environment not only includes the care of the detail of other elements of the decoration, but also increases the demand and quality of its interior doors. After three decades of absolute dedication to the door, the hidden frame and aluminum frame systems, the hidden sliding doors with the possibility of including glass or the spectacular flush doors are surprising.

Passion, demand and dedication in the environments, so that you fill them with experiences.


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