Shielded and Armored Doors

The best option to ensure the safety of our homes after the noble aesthetics and identity of Castalla finishes.

They differ from the common passage doors, basically because they are equipped with a sheet with one or two steel sheets inside, high-quality anti-lever hinges with blinds, security lock and peephole.

They can be classified in grades 3, 4 or 5. This will depend on the results obtained from tests where you force manually with certain tools to evaluate their resistance time.

In addition, the most characteristic safety components are the lock, the cylinder of keys, fasteners, hinges, blade structure, anti-lever bolts, windbreaks, handles, visor knobs, etc.

Aesthetics and function of a door step with the added value of a minimum security that prevents the forced access attempt to people outside the property.

These doors, like those of passage, can be fire resistant or have acoustic insulation accessories.

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